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My Fears And I – Free Download

I just had my first cyber knife treatment today and I got to thinking…You know when you have a song stuck in your head and it sort of perfectly says what it is you are feeling? I’ve got that going …


Uncle Tuesday and Amy Kress: Unofficial Crawl for Cancer Kickoff Concert

Uncle Tuesday and Amy Kress will be performing a special night of music on August 7th to unofficially kick off the Denver Crawl for Cancer the next day. The crawl for cancer is one of Denver’s most fun and beloved …


Secret House Show

Hi Everyone! I will be hosting the first of what may be many Secret House Shows. ~For this first show I will be hosting an evening soireé; I’ll be hosting guests in my garden lit backyard and I will play …

Amy Kress | AMZY | Leigh West

June 27th at Dickens Opera House

I’m excited to announce a new addition to the Concert Calendar! I’ll be performing Saturday June 27th at Dickens Opera House in Longmont, Colorado with electro-rock band AMZY and experimental/electronic artist Leigh West. Who: Amy Kress, AMZY, Leigh West What: Live at Dickens …

Amy Kress Remix Contest - BLDGBLKS Music Company

Numb Remix Contest Winners Announced

The winter of 2014 -15 was the longest of my life. For four months, from November to March, I endured an aggressive treatment of chemotherapy to combat my second recurrence of breast cancer. It was the most difficult thing I’ve …

Amy Kress Music

Get to know a Denver musician: Amy Kress

By: Alli Andress AXS Contributor Apr 6, 2015 Last April, Denver-based electronic pop musician Amy Kress performed live for the first time in over 20 years. On January 13, 2015, Kress released her first album, Secret Music, recorded at The …

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I'm thankful for these two.

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@Jodie2say you are a moron.

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Amazing the difference a year makes.

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This could inspire some good songs...

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Who is Amy Kress?


Who is

Amy Kress


Savoring every influence in her life from the quirkiness of Wes Anderson’s film “Grand Budapest Hotel” and many great musicians like Bjork, SOHN, and Death Cab For Cutie, Amy Kress has been writing songs since she was 8 years old. Once losing 12 years of music in an accidental hard drive crash, she’s no stranger to shifting gears quickly, along with everything else she’s faced the last few years. As much as it pained her to let go of the years of music embedded on that hard drive, she focused on writing during the morning and, of course, late night hours as well. The people in her life, the interchange of experiences with them, and watching the games they play with each other is what she finds most inspirational. Never wanting to be in a spot where she’s not working on new music, the emotional upheaval and a stark change in her life has left her at a point point where she’s motivated by creating new material.Born in Canada, Amy was an Aramco Brat living in Saudi Arabia with her family from the time she was five till the age of 12. She moved to the United States in 2001 during the unforgettable week of 9/11; settling in Colorado, she loved the state so much that she hasn’t left. Not surprising since wonderful blue skies, mountain peaks, and good vibes are pleasantly abundant.

Recently published by Huffington Post Denver and soon to have a selection of wickedly fun dance pop songs in a new lineup, Amy is currently filtering through about an album and a half of new material. As far as influential people in her life, Glenn Sawyer, owner of The Spot Studio, who found her on SoundCloud was at the top of her list. She greatly admires the hours he puts into his work, and he has been a real inspiration with his continued encouragement. From performing at the Meadowlark and Denver Syntax Physic Opera to playing intimate performances at the Larimer Lounge and The Walnut Room, it’s the live interaction from fans that moves Amy Kress to perform at her peak. A great musician who takes her craft seriously, her recent heart-felt performance at Herman’s Hideaway took the Mile High City by storm.

Deep down inside, she finds it a bit difficult to express herself in a way that may captivate someone, yet many are turning their heads and giving attention to this Mile High artist that always takes special care to inject humor and a dose of healthy reality in all of her songs. On her debut album “Secret Music,” every song she wrote was her favorite, only to be pleasantly eclipsed by the next. The big-sounding chorus on “Signs,” and the wide appeal of songs like “The Crush” and “Saturday” are winning listeners over by leaps and bounds. Loving to puzzle listeners with the mixing of words and concepts, Amy enjoys taking on the brain teaser of her own to craft a finished product that represents everything she does to listeners. As far as the diverse Colorado Music scene, she loves that there is a sense of community in Denver, and the same faces you run into a lot have true support for one another. Also drawing influence from other greats like Stateless, Morning Parade, Joywave, and Civil Twilight, she has painted a few pieces that decorate her childrens’ rooms, other precious domains that are closest to her heart. Excited to tour this summer, she is looking to the future for inspiration, and new lyrical material, but will likely be more than happy to return to those blissfully blue skies.




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